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In Ireland I think people tend to wait until we end up in the A&E before they know there is a problem. That said, I also think GPs are getting better at preventative medicine. Is it true that in the USA they tend to put folk on meds such as cholesterol and blood pressure tablets at a younger age? Be interesting to know that.

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Hi Paddy,

As a lady with a strong family history of CVD, is there a benefit in taking HRT to reduce risk of CVD or is solely about symptom control?

Thank you,


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Paddy I've recently found your Twitter and subsequently Substack. Its an invaluable resource.

I've become interested in cardiology as I've developed chest pains since a single covid infection in July. My journey through consulting cardiologists has been very dismissive as I'm not what you'd consider a traditional CVD risk.

I'd be very interested in your thoughts on Covid and CVD - I know the studies are a long way from conclusive (and I'm hoping to embark on a clinical trial myself next week in Melbourne) but knowing where we stand and documenting what the current risks are would be insightful.


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Great article. Any truth that chemo/radiotherapy as a child can predispose you to heart disease in your 50’s?

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