Thoughts RE: neg coronary artery calcium scan in face of skewed lipid profile?

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I was surprised that there was no mention here of the value (or not) of reducing one's consumption of saturated fat. For those with high LDL numbers and whose regular diet includes high amounts of saturated fat, is that not a sensible thing to try?

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Excellent write-up. We need those who have very high cholesterol to up the fiber in their diet. And eat fish weekly. In the U.S. some supplements are not pure.

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I'm not convinced that LDL is a cause of CAD or not, but I'm also not convinced that low LDL and taking statins is bad for me. Thus, I take my meds and my lipid numbers are stellar.

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I was expecting Plant Sterols like Benecol to be included in the article. Do you think they work?

My LDL for the first time is raised 2.95 mmol/L, Triglyceride 0.68 mmol/L,

HDL 2.76 mmol/L , Non-HDL 3.26


T.Chol/HDL Ratio 2.18

I have started taking Benecol - I did not know about the other options you mention here.

In your opinion are they a better choice than Benecol?

Thank you .

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What if you have high LDL and no evidence of arterial plaques?

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