Paddy, Liz and I finding your articles useful. Thank you

How would a chap in his late, late 50s (who wants to modify Fisk factors rather than just dodge snipers) set about getting a coronary CT in the UK? Is it in any way offered as nhs screening or would you need to arrange privately?

Thank you again

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What criteria do you use to obtain a cardiac CT?

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Great post thank you!

Can you explain how simply getting an imaging screening/diagnostic test reduced cardiac events by 40% when compared to stress testing? Is this attributable to starting a statin and lifestyle modifications after a scary result? I can’t figure this out…

“When used to assess those presenting with chest pain, the use of CTCA led to a 41% reduction in the risk of future major heart events, including heart attacks and death from coronary artery disease2.

This was compared to using exercise stress testing. “

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